Security warnings

Please read the following warnings before each use!

The Subglider offers many water pleasures and has proved to be safe for use in a number of tests.
Nevertheless, improper use of the product, which disregards security warnings, can lead to the injury or death of the swimmer and/or other people. It can also cause destruction of the Subglider or other property.
We therefore urge you to carefully read the instructions and security warnings before each use of Subglider.
This manual must be kept in a safe and easily accessible place, so that it can be read before each use. You should particularly heed the following security warnings.

Security warnings:

  • Read the manual for use and safety before each use.
  • You always use the Subglider at your own risk.
  • The Subglider is designed solely for use in water and in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • The Subglider can be only used by good and experienced swimmers aged over 18 years.
  • Subglider users must be perfectly healthy and able to perform free diving.
  • In addition to the swimmer using the Subglider in water, at least two other people must be present on the boat: the skipper and the guard who observes the swimmer, communicates with the skipper and ensures safety.
  • Be aware that there is always a risk of injury when using the Subglider. If you are not willing to take such a risk, do not use the product.
  • Do not use it as a swimming aid.
  • Do not use it with a diving tank or other diving gas mixtures.
  • Always use the approved lifebuoy.
  • Do not use it on the high seas.
  • Do not use it in areas with a lot of swimmers or divers.
  • Keep a large distance from other marine traffic.
  • Keep a large distance from other people or objects.
  • Use it only if there is an experienced skipper on the motor boat who knows how to operate the vessel properly.
  • If the swimmer feels any pain or has unpleasant feelings, he or she must immediately stop using the Subglider. He or she should come to the surface and get onto the boat.
  • It is recommended to use a protective neoprene diving wetsuit.
  • When using and operating your Subglider and boat, make sure you take appropriate precautions.
  • Before each use, check the rope for notches, sharp edges, knots and any signs of wear. If the rope is damaged, discard and replace it.
  • Direct sunlight can have a negative effect on the rope and the Subglider. Storage in a dark place extends the lifetime of the product.
  • Do not install equipment or attachments that are not supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Never use the Subglider under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics.
  • Please note that swimming goggles can come off when using the Subglider and contact lenses can be lost, regardless of precautions.
  • In order to avoid collisions, always keep a safe distance from other swimmers, vessels and objects that might be in the water. Each collision is dangerous and can result in injury or death.
  • General personal accident insurance usually does not cover damage caused by the use of a Subglider. Before using a Subglider, contact your insurance agent, who will recommend an appropriate insurance policy including coverage in case of damage. In the majority of insurance companies, diving is considered an extreme sport and is not covered by general insurance.
  • Avoid waterways of other vessels, such as boats, water scooters and others. Consider the speed of approaching vessels.
  • It is important to know the area where the Subglider will be used. If you do not know the area where Subglider will be used, we recommend that you study nautical charts and sail across the area in advance. You can thus avoid the dangers of the sea (rocks, buoys, other underwater and surface obstacles).
  • Do not use the Subglider in strong currents, strong wind, bad weather or poor visibility. Always pre-check the weather forecast and pay attention to local weather conditions.
  • The Subglider can be only used for diving to a depth of 2.5m by good and experienced swimmers. Greater depths are not recommended and pose a risk.
  • Keep in mind that it is very difficult to assess the distance to objects under water.
  • Before rising to the surface, make sure that there is no swimmer, vessel or other object above you or approaching you.
  • Always keep a safe distance from the bottom that might contain sharp rocks or other dangerous obstacles.
  • You should always be sure that you can come up to the surface and to the shore without the help of the Subglider.
  • If there are any problems, let the Subglider go, swim to the surface and demand an immediate stop of the boat.
  • The swimmer, the guard and the skipper must always agree on the meaning of hand signals in advance.
  • The skipper should never increase the speed, unless the swimmer sends an appropriate signal to the guard.
  • When increasing the speed, make sure that the tow rope is taut.
  • When the engine is running, people and ropes must not approach the propeller, even if the boat is not moving.
  • Before you begin to unwind the rope that has become entangled in the propeller, switch off the engine and remove the engine key.
  • When people get on or off the boat or are in the water near the boat, switch off the engine.
  • Never exceed the speed of 4 knots when towing the Subglider.
  • Bear in mind that the Subglider will tend to go down to a greater depth when the boat is moving and when the swimmer is not holding it with his or her hands.
  • Always request information about dangerous animals in the area that might injure you (sharks, jellyfish, snakes, coral, etc.) from the official authorities.
  • Never use the Subglider if there is a possibility of encountering dangerous animals (sharks, jellyfish, snakes, coral, etc.).

Maremico d.o.o. does not assume any liability related to the use of a Subglider.