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www.subglider.eu (hereinafter: the website) is a website that aims to enable the public presentation of the products offered by Maremico d.o.o. The website data is available to the users under the conditions and limitations listed below. The website is owned by Maremico d.o.o., Slovenia, which reserves all rights related to the use of the website. By accessing the website, the users confirm that they are aware of the conditions, that they agree to them and that they are bound by their provisions.

Limitation of Liability

All information and materials contained on the website and its subpages are informative. The data and information available on the website may change at any time without prior notice. We neither guarantee the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the content published on the website, nor do we assume responsibility for any damage that the user may suffer due to reliance on the published content. We also do not accept responsibility for damage caused to the user’s hardware or software by the use of the website. The user must provide adequate protection (antivirus, etc.) before accessing the website. The author of the website has the possibility of withdrawing from the contract if an essential mistake is determined (Article 46 of the Code of Obligations). A mistake may relate to the essential characteristics of the subject or to circumstances that according to the custom in the transaction or according to the intention of the parties are deemed decisive, as otherwise the mistaken party would not have concluded the contract with such content. Essential mistakes related to the price are included. All users use the website at their own risk. The author of the website assumes no responsibility for any direct, indirect or other damage arising from or related to the use of the website, to the access or to the inability to use information on the website. The website includes users’ feedback. Some of the feedback is given only as an example. The website may contain links to other websites; we do not assume any responsibility for their content, form and changes made. The author of the website reserves the right to disable the website or its access due to technical problems, maintenance or other difficulties.

Privacy (personal data protection)

We pay a lot of attention to the protection of our users’ personal data. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), the website manager is committed to protecting the users’ personal data. We sometimes collect certain personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address), but only if the user wants to share this data for the purpose of ordering products, printed materials, quotes or asking questions about products. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and are thus never sold, leased or otherwise provided to third parties.

All parents and guardians are advised to teach their children about the safe and responsible use of the Internet, including the transmission of their personal data. Minors should not share their data with www.subglider.eu.

By submitting his or her data, the user allows Maremico d.o.o. to set up, maintain and manage records with personal data for an unlimited period of time for the purpose of direct marketing. An individual may at any time require, in writing or in another agreed manner, that the personal data manager permanently or temporarily discontinues the use of his or her personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. The personal data manager is obliged to prevent the use of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing within 15 days and inform the individual about this in writing or in another agreed manner within further 5 days. We are not held responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by the user.

Scope of Data and Intellectual Property Rights

All images, texts, videos, articles and opinions are owned by the authors of the website. The website data and information can be used for the individual’s personal use, without modifying the indication of copyright and other rights. It is allowed to print data and information for the purpose of personal and non-commercial reading. It is prohibited to copy, transfer, publish or modify data and information or send it via e-mail and distribute it in any other way. Exceptions are the journalists and editors of the Slovenian media who can use all articles and images for publication in the media.

It is specifically forbidden to use images, videos, texts and other material on the website for commercial purposes. In the case of using the material for commercial purposes, legal proceedings against the offender will be brought before the competent court in Ljubljana.

All trademarks are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used on the website solely for informative purposes.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer and enable the identification of your computer the next time you visit our website. They are used to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our cookie policy. As we strive to provide you with useful content, our website functions optimally if cookies are enabled. By using this website, you agree that Maremico d.o.o. shall set cookies on your computer or mobile device. Some of the cookies we use are session cookies and are not retained after the browser is closed. Other cookies are permanent and are saved on the user’s computer for a long time. We use the following types of cookies:

Session Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of certain pages on the website. These cookies are essential to the website to remember and carry out a user’s request (e.g. ordering a product).

Cookies used for the purpose of analysing traffic – Google analytics (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmv, _utmz…)

When the user visits the website, general and non-personal data (counting visitors, identification of browsers and keywords that lead to the website, search engine users, number of visits, average time of visit, pages visited) are recorded automatically. This information is used to monitor website traffic and content, and to improve them. Your data is neither subject to further consideration nor shared with third parties.

Online Behavioural Advertising

These cookies dynamically show our ads on other selected websites. The website uses cookies for the purpose of displaying targeted ads on other websites. These cookies display ads that fit your interests. Cookies record your visit to the website and share this information with other organizations, for example, advertisers.

Social Networking Cookies

Elements that configure cookies on behalf of other companies are also in our domain, such as the “Like” button on Facebook or the “Tweet” button on Twitter. We sometimes even include videos from sites like YouTube. When you watch a certain YouTube video on our website, YouTube can send you cookies. We do not control these cookies; more information about these cookies can be found on the relevant websites.

Cookies Enabling Multi-media Content

These cookies are required to play videos on the website (so-called flash cookies). The website sometimes shows videos or pictures using Adobe Flash Player.

Changing Cookie Settings

Cookie settings can be controlled or changed at any time. The website will function optimally if cookies are enabled. Cookie settings can be controlled or changed using selected web browser settings. As each browser is different, the instructions on how to change cookie settings should be checked in the help menu of the browser you are using.

Connecting subglider.eu to Other Websites

Maremico d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for the cookies used on other websites connected with or referred at www.subglider.eu. Thank you for the time you took to read the notes on this website. We hope you will enjoy using our website.